Steakhouse Owner, Libertaria​n on D7 Ballot As Filing Deadline Passes

Monday, August 18, marked the filing deadline for candidates to appear on the City Council ballot.  The final, official list is at the City of Austin website:

The D7 list has some surprises.  Josiah Ingalls, who had previously announced for the District 7 race and committed some funding, is not on the ballot.
Conversely, two last minute candidates have appeared.
Darryl Wittle is owner of Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in the Domain, according to Sarah Coppola at the Statesman.
Per the Austin Monitor’s Jo Clifton:
“Darryl Wittle, a District 7 candidate, also said that affordability, traffic and water are the big issues facing Austin. However, unlike several candidates, he said the current Council has done a good job, and the city will likely face those three issues “ad infinitum.” “I think we have to have some positive action that’s going to quell some of peoples’ fears. We are becoming a big city; there is no closing that barn door, there is no unringing that bell, it’s done.”
Wittle was profiled as a restauranteer by in 2011.  The story gives some idea of Wittle’s business philosophy.
Zack Ingraham is a marketing and sales professional at, according to Coppola.  His Facebook page associates him with the Libertarian Party.  Per the Austin Chronicle, he “has worked with APD on training and accountability in handling aggressive dogs.”

Ingraham on Facebook:  www.facebook/zackingraham

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