The City of Austin has gotten better about documenting City Council meetings, and even major boards and commissions. Here are some key votes that impacted the North Austin area. If you know of other votes that illuminate City of Austin policy and that impacted District 7, please send the case and link to

FY2014 City Budget. Volume I is here, with helpful pie charts on pages 2, 3, 17 and 24. More is available at the City’s Financial documents page.

Morrow Street Access Comprehensive Plan Transportation Committee 20110214. Session transcript. Vote was 3-0 to support staff recommendation to open Morrow to west-bound traffic, opposed by Crestview NA but supported by Highland NA.

Crestview Station rezoning and Morrow Access 20111110. Item 102. Session video. The Crestview Station developer had requested direct vehicle access from Crestview Station onto Morrow St, on the grounds that the development has only two access points, the main one being at Lamar-St John’s. Crestview NA opposed the request. Planning Commission recommended emergency vehicle access only. CM Spelman proposed a ‘porkchop’ feature that would allow ‘right-in, right-out’ access from Crestview Station to and from Morrow, providing some relief for congestion at the Lamar – St John’s intersection. Martinez, Tovo, Cole, Morrison opposed the porkchop. Council approved the Planning Commission recommendations.

Commercial Short-Term Rentals 20120802-122 Session transcript, with item 122 on pages 82 to 108. Session video. Vote was 5-2 for a new CSTR ordinance supported by pro-CSTR groups, opposed by many neighborhood groups.

ProjectConnect Urban Rail Route Central Corridor Advisory Group, 20131206. 14-1 Vote approving first urban rail route up San Jacinto, Red River to Highland Mall. Session video. Chronicle coverage.

Little Woodrow’s Bar Zoning on Burnet Rd, 20140130-040. Session transcript, Session video. Vote was 4-3 for approval of a conditional use permit for the Little Woodrow’s bar, with restrictions.

8100 Burnet Zoning variance request. C14-2011-0167. April 5, 2012. Item 81. Session video. Approval on first reading of zoning change for CS-zoned property at 8100 Burnet to MF6.

Earlier Council items affecting North Austin:

Vertical Mixed Use overlay for Allandale Planning Area, Item 88, June 18, 2008. Overlay approved 7-0 in first reading.
Vertical Mixed Use overlay for Allandale Planning Area, Item 89, June 18, 2008. Overlay approved in first reading.


Austin City Council Meeting Archives, 19th Century to 21st Century
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City of Austin video of past Council and board meetings. Council meeting videos go back to September 2008.