Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek runs behind a number of neighborhoods in North Austin, including Gracywoods, North Star, River Oaks, North Park Estate, and Walnut Creek.

The Walnut Creek neighborhood is located between IH35 and North Lamar. It is an older neighborhood, and has struggled to resist blight from the highway and N Lamar, including inappropriate commercialization (including sex-oriented businesses), over-rentalization in the neighborhood interior; and a lack of nearby neighborhood services and shopping. Neighbors prioritize addressing these urgent issues.

From the Walnut Creek Neighborhood Website:

The Walnut Creek Neighborhood includes approximately 600 homes in North Austin. It encompasses an area between IH-35 on the east, Braker Lane on the South, North Lamar Blvd. on the west, and Walnut Creek (the creek itself!) on the north. Our neighborhood was built, beginning in the early 1950s, on what was originally a dairy farm. We take pride in our larger-than-average lots and our beautiful mature oak trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. In the past few years, we have adopted 15 acres of city-owned flood control land along Walnut Creek to create the Walnut Bluffs Trailhead, a wooded trailhead and one-mile hike and bike trail along Walnut Creek.

Another source of pride and leadership is our strong, organized Walnut Creek Neighborhood Association (WCNA), which has enabled us to combine our efforts during the City of Austin annexation, treatment of oak wilt disease, the change-over from septic tanks to the city sewer system, and partnering with nearby neighborhoods on public safety and community-building efforts. The WCNA also organizes one of Austin’s best Annual Neighborhood Night Out celebrations on the first Tuesday in October.